casino deposit methods in India

Our Standards for Picking the Best Casino Deposit Method

We've created a list to check all the available payment methods for your convenience. We assure you that the methods listed in this guide meet a minimum of the following three standards.

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Easy to Use

A user-friendly platform is our first priority. Making a deposit is the first step in your gambling experience. We're looking for uncomplicated deposit methods that are easy to understand and have clear instructions. The platform should also integrate seamlessly into gambling sites.

An intuitive platform will have minimal setup requirements and low monthly fees, or even no fees at all. It's even better if your payment history is kept on record to save you the trouble of re-entering details every time you make a transaction. Making a deposit should be quick and get you playing as soon as possible.

The Correct Currency

In India, it's recommended to play in rupees rather than other currencies. Playing in rupees will allow you to always know what your balance is without the need to convert it from another currency. This will also provide certainty that all your winnings will come back to you because there won’t be any conversion fees.

Security of Your Funds

To deposit money and play in online casinos, you’ll need to share personal and financial info that needs to be protected. Platforms that have a high-standard encryption software in place ensure that your personal information will be kept safe. Every operator in this guide is licensed and uses encryption that is regulated by industry standards.

General Details About Casino Deposits

General details include info about the multiple deposit methods that are available. We'll take a look at in-game deposits, credit cards, mobile payments and payment apps. Are you considering using a relative's bank card to make a deposit? Read on to see if that’s a wise choice for you.

Freebies make your first deposit even more exciting than the prospect of possible winnings. Some gambling sites will offer freebies when you make your first deposit. They offer this as a token of appreciation or as a welcome gift. These freebies may include extra rounds, free spins and even a cash bonus that it adds to your funds. Some casinos also offer special bonuses for loyal customers.

These are some things to look forward to when you start playing for real money online.

Minimum Deposit Amount

Every gambling site has a minimum deposit amount. These amounts differ depending on the website, so you will need to be aware of them. Most casinos require a deposit of no less than ₹500, ₹1000 or ₹2000. There is, however, one betting site in India that requires a minimum deposit of ₹250. 

In-Game Deposits in Online Casinos

One enormous difference between deposit methods for online casinos and brick-and-mortar casinos is the in-game deposits. In any land-based casino, you have to leave the game to add funds to your account. 

In contrast, some online casinos offer a feature where you can add funds inside the game. This is a neat online benefit that will keep you playing without any interruptions.

Using a Credit Card to Deposit Funds

The National Payments Corporation of India (NPCI) prohibits financial transactions between an Indian bank and specific gambling organisations. Our advice is to use another form of payment. However, if the organisation is regulated under the applicable Indian laws, NPCI allows for transactions between your bank and the casino. You can look at the casino's website to see if they're licensed with the relevant gambling regulator in India.

Using a Credit Card or Account That Is Not in Your Name

It's never a good idea to use a credit card or payment method that is in another person's name. In the same way, using someone else's personal info constitutes fraud. 

Utilising a card or bank account that's not yours can have undesirable consequences. Gambling establishments don't take it lightly. The casino may close your account, and you could lose anything you won in the casino.

The Freedom of Mobile Payments

Numerous online casinos offer their games on laptops and mobile phones. Mobile phones have built-in security measures, making them a low-risk platform with the freedom to play anywhere. 

New Indian casino sites are increasingly integrating the security measures of mobile devices into their payment methods. They're using unique mobile features such as face recognition and fingerprint scans to verify users. Playing on your mobile phone means that your transactions are safer than if you play elsewhere.

Payment Apps to Make Your Deposit

As you venture into your journey of playing online, you'll find that the newest technologies are being incorporated on a daily basis. You can play in a web browser or download software to play on your computer. Betting sites are utilising technological advancement, and some even have casino apps that you can download to your phone.

Depositing funds are even more straightforward with payment apps that are connected to gambling software on laptops and mobile phones.

Some of these apps include PhonePe, Paytm and Google Pay. If you choose to use a payment app, it can open automatically during the process of making a deposit.

Available Payment Platforms

We've shown you the standards we use and provided you with general info, so let's introduce you to some of these payment platforms.


Paytm casino deposit method

Paytm has been around for a couple of years and is used to buy items such as aeroplane tickets and motor vehicles. You can use Paytm for online shopping and to play in online casinos.

Paytm is a trendy platform that is used all over India, and it's free. This has led to multiple Paytm online casino sites launching in India in the last couple of years.

Using the UPI gateway, Net Banking makes Paytm a secure platform with speedy transaction times. The most notable gambling sites in India use Paytm. Paytm also offers points that you can accumulate, as well as special offers in collaboration with their partners.

Google Pay Casinos

Google Pay deposit method for casinos in India

Google is a well-established company and familiar to most anyone all over the world. They offer not only an excellent search engine and other services, but they also maintain a payment platform. A large number of people in India use Google Pay due to its popularity. It's available on mobile devices that run on iOS and Android firmware, which allows you to use it on any mobile device.

Google Pay also uses the UPI gateway, Net Banking, for safe transactions and instant access to your funds. Some of the most trusted casino and gambling sites in India accept deposits from Google Pay. See all Google Pay casinos here.


The government has regulated gambling in India with the Public Gambling Act since 1867. However, the government expects every state to put its own regulations and restrictions in place. Different states still use the Public Gambling Act as a foundation for their laws. Since the regulations are so old, and every state has additional laws, it can be challenging to understand the rules. Fortunately, there's a payment option available in most states.

Unified Payment Interface (UPI) and Immediate Payment Services (IMPS) are bank transfer systems managed by the National Payments Corporation of India (NPCI).

NPCI describes themselves as an umbrella organisation that handles retail payments and settlement systems in India.

This means that UPI and IMPS can be used at casinos in most states and are the ideal payment method in India. These two options allow you to transfer funds between casinos and your bank account. They're the most accessible, secure and fast casino payment options available to you.


Mastercard deposit method

The organisation behind your Mastercard is an American financial corporation that offers services in several countries around the world. Mastercard themselves don’t issue any cards. Their primary business is to process transactions. They act as the middleman between the bank that issued your card and the bank of the merchant where you're making a payment.

The service that they offer enables banks and financial institutions to make transactions with any business or individual in multiple countries.

It is important to remember that not all banks allow transactions with gambling sites. When you plan to use your bank card to deposit funds into a casino, you should check with your bank first to avoid frustration.

You can proceed when you're sure that your bank won't block the transaction. Using your Mastercard to deposit funds is a straightforward process.

Provide your banking details and the amount that you want to deposit. If you're making the payment online, confirm that the website is secure. Follow the casino's prompts to complete the transaction, and you can get started.


Bitcoin casinos are the latest hype within iGaming. You can use Bitcoin both for deposits, withdrawals and game-play.

The pros of using the deposit method when gambling is the anonymity and the top of the line security & safety it holds.

The cons include high fees and slow payout times.