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Google Pay Casinos in India

Google Incorporated needs no introduction. We all know the search engine with it's funny and interactive Google Doodles. Most people know Gmail, Google Maps, Google Drive and some even use their Docs, Sheets and Podcast Apps. It's no surprise that many people will have confidence in a payment platform created by an established and trusted company.

You may remember the name Google Tez. That's what we called this Google service when it first arrived in India. The original name was Android Pay and Google had intended for it to be an app that was only Android-based. They've later changed the name to Google Pay or GPay, and it's now available on many software platforms.

Google Pay was released to the market in September 2015. The platform utilises a secure interface called Unified Payments Interface (UPI). UPI is a system that allows you to do banking with not only one, but several bank accounts in one mobile app. You have instant access to check your balances or you can transfer money at any time.

Most of these money apps are known as e-wallets, where you can store money and use it from the 'wallet'. G Pay is different as it only acts as a go-between from your funds to a merchant. It's available in many countries including Japan, Spain, UK, USA, Australia and of course India. You can use it to pay a merchant or transfer money to someone else. While most importantly, for the purposes of this article, you can transfer funds to an online casino or gambling site.

Sign up for Google Pay in Five Simple Steps

We know most of our readers are tech-savvy and don't need instructions to sign up for an app. If you are, you may skip this step. For those who need help, here are the five steps:

  • Go to the app store on your phone, search for the free Google Pay app and download it.
  • When you're done downloading the app then you open it and follow the prompt to choose your preferred language.
  • If you have a Gmail or Google account, you can use your details to log into the app. Follow the prompts to create an account if you don't have one or if you choose not to use your Gmail details.
  • Type in the phone number that you want to connect with your Google Pay Account.
  • Google Pay will send an SMS with a One-Time-Password to the number you've typed in. Please enter the number as prompted, and that's it. You've signed up for G Pay. 

Now you're ready to use your Google Pay account at any casino that accepts this payment method for deposits. If you haven't signed up with the casino yet, do that now. When that is completed, we'll walk you through verifying your account.

How to Verify Your Google Pay Account With a Casino

It may be an inconvenience, but it is essential for your safety and the gambling site's security to verify your details.

After you've signed up the gambling site will contact you asking for verification documentation. You may choose to verify your account at a later time, but if you do it now, it may save you frustration later on. 

The online casino will ask you to provide the following documentation: 

  • A copy of your Aadhar card, and a copy of a driver's license or passport that is valid and in your name.
  •  A copy of a recent utility bill or a similar bill that is in your name and show your residential address.
  • A screenshot that shows you are the person who registered for this Google Pay account.

Let's Talk About Encryption and Firewalls to Protect You and Your Funds

You need to keep your information confidential and protect your privacy; it's vital to know the safety and security features of a payment method. Google Pay is backed by Google Incorporated, that is a credible global organisation with an outstanding security record.

The UPI portal is encrypted according to guidelines provided by the Reserve Bank of India. While your payment info with G Pay is encrypted by Google and stored on their secure servers.

Any reputable online casino accepting Indian players will find state of the art encryption software and the latest firewall technology to safeguard your personal and financial information. Before you register with a casino, make sure that they have security measures in place.

You're Ready to Start Playing at Google Pay Casinos Online

You've set up your Google Pay account and verified your details with your chosen casino. The casino you've selected is reputable and you've done some research to confirm that. Now you are ready to start playing. As a last thought, we want to run through some frequently asked questions with you. We'll also look at some details you need to keep in mind.

Let's Look at a Few Points Regarding Casino Deposits With G Pay

As a general rule, a casino will only let you use the same account that you used for the deposit to make a withdrawal. Betting sites implemented this as an internal security feature. Scammers sometimes use casinos to launder money, so the casino regulator implemented this rule to prevent money laundering. Making sure that your money goes back to you, protects your money and the gambling site. 

Frequently Asked Questions Regarding Google Pay Deposits

Does Google Pay or the Casino Charge a Deposit Fee?

It's possible that a casino may charge a deposit fee, but most gambling sites don't. The casinos have a quick and easy deposit process that enables you to start playing without any inconvenience. Google Pay doesn't charge any deposit fees.

Do I Need to Verify My Account and Submit the Documents Before Making a Deposit?

Google does not require any documentation to verify your account with them. Since you're using Google Pay, that is recognised as a trusted payment platform. Most casinos won't expect you to verify your details before making a deposit.

Will My Funds Be Available Immediately After the Transfer?

If your Google Pay Account is set up and your casino account is in place then you are ready to go. Gambling sites that allow transactions with Google Pay trust this platform. This trust means that as soon as the gambling site has confirmed the deposit amount, the funds are available for you to start playing.

Does the Gambling Sites Have a Minimum Limit to the Amount I Can Deposit?

Every casino will set the minimum allowed deposit amount and they differ from each other. Most of the casinos in India have a minimum requirement that starts at ₹500, ₹1000 and ₹2000.

Am I Able to Use This Payment Service on My Mobile Phone?

The Google Pay service was initially created for mobile phones, and it works perfectly on all mobile platforms. It's an app that's straightforward to use and integrates flawlessly with reputable casino apps.

Do I Need to Worry About Currency Conversion, and How Does it Work?

If you play at the major casinos in India and you're living in India, you don't have to be concerned about currency conversion. The top casinos in India are legit, registered under Indian regulations and trade in rupees. Google Pay and the casino will show all amounts in rupees. When you choose to play any games, offered by casinos that don't trade in rupees, you'll need to be aware of the conversion rate.

A Few Details to Consider When You Want to Withdraw Your Funds

When you want to withdraw your funds, remember that you can only use the account that you've used to deposit your money. If you try to use another account, you will not be able to access your funds. 

Here is a quick explanation for withdrawing your funds and answers to a few questions.

The process you need to follow is effortless and you can complete it in a few steps:

  • Decide on the amount that you want to take from your funds.
  • Request a withdrawal from the cashier or find the withdrawal button on the casino app.
  • Follow the instructions that the casino will provide.

Does Google Pay or the Casinos Charge Any Fees When I Want to Take Out My Funds?

Casino withdrawal fees depend on standards set by each Google Pay casino. Some casinos charge a fee every time you remove funds from your account. In contrast, other gambling sites allow a certain number of withdrawals per month that are free of any fee charges. Google doesn't charge any fees to make a withdrawal from the casino.

Is There Any Verification Requirements or Documentation Needed to Withdraw Money?

To protect their establishment and keep everyone's money safe, the casino needs to confirm the identities of the casino players. Verification is a security measure and only meant to protect all parties involved. 

If you didn't verify your casino account when you opened it then you may be asked for copies of the following documents:

  1. Aadhar card.
  2. Valid driver's license or passport.
  3. Confirmation of your current residential address.

Will My Money Be Available Immediately?

When you withdraw a large amount of money, there may be a small delay to process the transaction, but there won't be any delay when the amounts are more diminutive. As soon as you've completed the withdrawal process, the amount will show in your Google Pay account. When you transfer that money to your bank account, it takes around two days before it's available for you to use.

Can I withdraw any amount or is there a required minimum limit?

Casinos pay transaction fees to their payment providers on each transaction. Therefore, gambling sites need to put minimum withdrawal limits in place to avoid paying transaction fees that are too high.

When you request a withdrawal, the casino cashier will state the minimum limit. In case you're withdrawing on an app, there will be a minimum amount displayed in the withdrawal process.

To see the best G Pay casinos in India right now make sure to check top list at the beginning of this page.

If you are new to playing online casinos and looking for an easy but secure payment solution, Google Pay is one of your best options. Another good read for beginners is the general guide to deposits to Indian casinos and the guide to Paytm casinos. Good luck!