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In what US states are online gambling legal?

  • New Jersey – In New Jersey there are more than 10 legal NJ online casino sites, as well as a handful of NJ poker and NJ sports betting websites.
  • Delaware – The state of Delaware have legalized online poker and casino.
  • Nevada – Only have legal poker if you want to play online.
  • Pennsylvania – In Pennsylvania, you can legally go online and play fantasy betting, sports betting, casino and poker.
  • West Virginia – In West Virginia online sports betting is legal. Also mobile betting will be legal in the next coming months.

What US states are considering legalizing gambling online?

  • California
  • New York
  • Massachusetts
  • Michigan

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Lately, a lot of states in the US have legalized gambling online. Some, like New Jersey, now have legal online casinos, legal sportsbooks and legal poker sites. Some, like Nevada, only have legal online poker.

We support the current wave of legalization and look forward to a future where online gambling is legal in all of the United States of America.