Best Real Money Casino Apps in India

  • 100% bonus up to ₹80,000
  • 200% bonus up to ₹2,000

The Wonders of Casino Apps

In a world where the advancements of technology are constantly pushing boundaries further, gambling has never been easier. Gone are the days of being limited to the confined boundaries of an in-person casino. Thanks to the wonders of mobile devices, millions of people can take their slots and wagers online.

The future of extravagant casino experiences has arrived in a similar form to almost every other system today. Mobile apps are the latest innovation spurring casinos into the future. Fast-paced and exciting gaming rests at your fingertips with this adventurous new tech.

Since its legalisation in 2005, mobile gambling's popularity has only increased tremendously. While Europe leads the market in online gaming, sports betting has become a rising trend. During this time, software developers at Microgaming became pioneers in a market of flash games by recreating the wonders of a modern Indian online casino. It was only a matter of time before these thrills picked up steam and caught the public's attention.

Between a variety of progressive jackpots and huge new casino bonuses, more players were bound to join in. As a matter of fact, one of the key factors driving the rise in online gamblers stems from these bonuses. You can take great pleasure in knowing that many online casinos offer benefits to loyal customers and are willing to gift you sign-up bonuses. These random bonuses range from free spins on a slot machine to special discounts on exclusive memberships. Whether you play for free or are aiming to fill your pocket with real money, there has never been a better time to enter the market of mobile casinos.

Real Money Gambling Apps in Real-Time

When casino apps first hit the virtual scene, many viewed them as a simple pastime. They were mere fun and games meant to simulate the thrills of a real gambling experience. But it was only a matter of time before the industry realised just how these popular apps could be monetised.

Utilising payment systems like PayPal and Paytm, casinos have been able to revolutionise how the money is transferred in their games. While the games remain free to all users, they also offer features that allow players to go for real cash.

These "real money apps" appear in various forms. You can either try your luck on a casino app and take to a wild array of intricate money games or venture into the betting apps. As we all become gripped by a global pandemic, social distancing is transitioning into the new normal. Corporations continue to try and keep their businesses afloat by shifting systems online. As things become contactless, virtual screens transition into an even greater way of life. But it’s because of these dire circumstances that humanity shows us its cleverest inventions. Now is the time to enjoy the splendours of casinos from your very own home. You can cast a wager on sporting events or spin away at slots without ever setting foot outside. And with some luck, actual money may flow into your account.

Thanks to the magic of encrypted coding, monetary transfers have never been safer. Online casinos use a Secure Sockets Layer, commonly abbreviated as SSL. This tech remains up to date and could only ever be decrypted if someone guessed from over trillions of combinations.

SSL guarantees that third parties and any hackers cannot reach your private information. Combining this with your own private pin makes the transfer and acquisition of real currency all much easier.

Banking institutions like Visa and Paypal practice the secure usage of networks to ensure that your money never falls into the wrong hands. Any earnings made while playing follow a unique process by which in-game currency is converted into the designated cashout. E-wallets like Skrill and Neteller serve as safety systems for withdrawals and direct deposits.

In-game and pregame transactions are common on mobile web browsers. All you have to do is make a deposit prior to the game, and then you will be able to place your bet. Should you be running low on funds while playing a mobile game, you can make another deposit without actually leaving.

Through an option called the Fast Deposit, you can keep your financial information saved and on file. Should an emergency arise, you can use the fast deposit to restore the necessary amount of funds. This permits a ceaseless experience in which you never have to keep from spinning away.

The Best Casino Apps

Casino Days

Any player jumping into this app can expect a welcoming bonus. Once you have claimed your initial rewards, you can expect frequent bonuses for playing regularly. These fantastic benefits range from slot reloads to entire free spins on machines. Casino Days considers multiple cash types acceptable, including Euros and several cryptocurrencies. 

When it comes to an efficient support team, this app favours a live chat system in which agents will promptly respond to your needs. Between massive monthly cashouts and an assortment of bonuses, Casino Days is one of the best online platforms on the market.


With over 1,500 casino games to choose from, Casumo offers everything from table games to slots, video poker casino games, and even live dealer games. If you make a withdrawal or deposit through this real money casino (see the guide on how to deposit at Indian casinos here), you will be pleased to know that it does not charge any additional fees. Bonuses remain consistent on a monthly and weekly basis to keep you eager about returning.

Casumo has implemented live chat systems, providing support to its consumers in a timely fashion. By maintaining an extremely mobile-friendly interface, this casino serves as one of the top choices for anyone looking to browse a collection of games.

Pure Casino

This site caters to a primarily Indian market, yet also provides the slot splendours of the west. If you’re a blackjack player, Pure Casino has you covered with astounding graphics on a highly detailed interface. Player data remains encrypted to keep funds secure. While there is not a loyalty program in place, anyone who enters will receive a splendid sign-up bonus. Aside from blackjack, Pure Casino also offers a wide selection of slot games to choose from.

Mr Green Casino

A sophisticated service and sportsbook, Mr Green was named Socially Responsible Operator of the Year in 2012. You know your accounts are in trusted, secure hands when the casino has also been recognised as Online Casino of the Year at the 2013 iGaming Awards. This casino truly cares about its customers and offers reminders about gaming and betting responsibility.

Mr Green is willing to acknowledge the very real situation of gambling addiction and the impact it’s having on customers. In fact, artificial intelligence is even being programmed to detect habits commonly associated with addiction and possibly suspend suspicious accounts. All accounts are safely managed as Mr Green's team prefers to deal with euros.

Like many providers, you can expect an around-the-clock support team to be on standby for any of your problems. It’s no surprise that Mr Green is considered by many players and critics to be one of the greatest online gaming sites in the gambling world.


10CRIC focuses on online betting and primarily caters to Indian consumers. It features sensational betting offerings for the sports of football, cricket, and tennis. Wagers can be set prior to the start of an event or take place live as it unfolds.

If you are more of a gamer on the gambling spectrum, 10CRIC has you covered. With roulette, poker, and slot availability, the action never stops. When you join this site, you receive a generous welcome bonus of ₹10,000 plus up to twenty free spins upon making your first deposit.

All funds are secured, and Indian rupees CAD, AUD, USD, and GBP are accepted. You can experience the thrills of sports betting and enjoy pulse-pounding matches through 10CRIC. This exceptional provider also has an app available for download on mobile phones, Android, and iOS devices.


What sets this casino apart from its digital rivals is its superb loyalty program. A multi-tier, VIP system lets you rank up based on a point system. Points are acquired as you continue to bet on featured sports through Betway.

The service offers wagers in over twelve thousand markets, including those in boxing and cricket. Even the literal online gaming of esports is included within its packaging, giving you the freedom to place bets on whichever competition you are most interested in. Live betting is a fantastic feature, and Betway's well-organized interface keeps the process efficient and secure.

Café Casino

If you are a fan of many options, this is the game for you. Unlike other mobile casinos, Café Casino offers far more than an initial welcoming bonus. Players can actually select from several types of bonuses depending on their playstyle. Along with this customisation, all new players are treated to a free ten dollar chip.

Should any issues arise with servers or transactions, this game has a customer support team working 24/7 to assist. Its only real downside is the lack of a live dealer. Even so, Café Casino continues to offer a vast selection of high quality for its consumers.

Red Dog Casino

With astounding graphics and smooth transfer processes, Red Dog is a younger yet sophisticated casino. While slots make up the majority of its online roster, players can also experience poker, blackjack, and roulette. Its three million dollars maximum jackpot keeps players enticed and features ongoing promotional work. By utilising a "Game of the Month" feature, Red Dog Casino highlights its most prospective games to keep players interested.

You can rest assured that your winnings will be safe as this casino specialises in the latest bank encryption technology. Red Dog Casino showcases how far mobile casinos have come and continues to define their excellence.

The Best Free Casino App

While the enthralling excitement of earning cash may captivate some players, others may want to relax. The enjoyment of slots and roulette does not always have to come with a swift, realistic payout. If you are seeking an authentic and mobile casino experience without the pressures of real money, 25-in-1 Casino is the app for you. Available for free download from the Play Store, this game will immerse you in the authentic experiences of Vegas-style betting.

25-in-1 Casino's smooth and vibrant graphics are a true eyecatcher. The game's realistic odds grant all of the same features as any other casino app, merely eliminating pressure from your wallet. All of the following games are included in this free experience.

  • Craps
  • Texas Casino Poker
  • Jacks or Better Video Poker
  • Deuces Wild Video Poker
  • Jokers Wild Video Poker
  • Tens or Better Video Poker
  • Acey Deucey Video Poker
  • Roulette
  • Blackjack
  • Count Blackjack
  • Blackjack Plus
  • Faceup Blackjack
  • Perfect Pair Blackjack
  • Caribbean Stud
  • 7 Slot Machines
  • Keno
  • Baccarat
  • Red Dog Poker


Online casinos keep their games legal by following carefully placed protocols. While they strive to recreate a true gambling experience, they cannot outright advertise such in app stores. When it comes to a seller like Google Play, any casino apps are only available in Ireland, France, and the United Kingdom.

Even then, these apps will remain lined with specific restrictions and requirements to limit usage. However, there are still ways that these businesses can adhere to these rules and still cater to their millions of customers.

For casino apps to be permitted in online stores, they need to specify exactly how money is earned. Instead of directly converting in-game currency into real money, this process may be switched into the form of giveaways. Giveaways and sweepstakes can be listed as substitutes for outright gambling. While this is not always the case, doing so helps a large number of apps to stay legal and available on the market.

Ironically, casino apps must specify that they aren’t designed for gambling in order to remain in the store. By stating that they are "casino-style" games with prizes to offer, they eliminate the risk of being removed and stay within the store's legal guidelines.

Even with these prizes serving as the goal, company descriptions end up separating them from the games themselves. For example, if it’s written that playing a casino app is how you will earn prizes, this could be a violation of the app store's policy. By separating the two, the app remains open. While casino apps cannot always and openly advertise their gambling, they’re technically legal and available in stores.

The legality of online gambling as a whole is constantly shifting. Studies show that the industry racks up approximately one billion dollars annually. With statistics like this, it’s no surprise that industries do whatever they can to remain within the parameters of the law to keep business booming. No federal law exists to prohibit placing a wager online.

Under this statement, many betting sites are able to continue operating without issue. Mobile casino apps allow countless players to bet on everything from sporting events to virtual horse races. Debates have continued in countries like the United States, where online gambling is specifically illegal. Yet still, outside apps accept American players into their ranks. In accordance with no rules against placing wagers, Americans also continue to make bets online and remain free of any issues.

Advertisement for online gambling has also been considered illegal. Large search engines like Google and Yahoo have been known to pay serious fines for having advertised gambling. With tighter restrictions, American banks were prohibited from processing transactions with gambling services. As this situation unfolded, some online casinos prohibited American players from participation.

Still, the laws of advertising and processing gambling transactions can be difficult to enforce at times. A smaller publisher may be able to get away with something larger magazines could not, but the risk would still remain.

In summary, the laws regarding online gambling and mobile casino apps are constantly changing. The legal participation in such activities mostly depends on where you reside in the world and your country's position on gambling. However, betting seems to be universally accepted if done properly. Placing wagers remains a safe practice for the time being.

Available Mobile Casino Games

Should you choose to dive into the ever-growing expansion of online gambling, you will always have more games to choose from. With the web at your fingertips, you’re only a click away from a vast assortment of critically-acclaimed, mobile casino games.

Mega Moolah

Considered to be one of the best online slots in the world, Mega Moolah offers players a chance to win real money. For many online gamblers, this game was their introduction to the virtual casino scene. Join the search for an epic jackpot as you embark on a wild, safari-themed adventure. Multipliers, scatters, and free spins teem within Microgaming's most popular slot. Since 2012, Mega Moolah has been rendered fully compatible with mobile platforms is a must for any newcomer.

Major Millions

Major Millions has been as heavily regarded as Mega Moolah due to its progressive jackpot. This slot brandishes five times three reels along with 15 separate pay lines. Its multiple winning combinations keep players spinning towards new heights. Since one player garnered over a million in winnings over a jackpot, this game has only increased in popularity.

Game of Thrones

Fans of Game of Thrones will adore what Microgaming has done with this astounding slot. Fifteen paylines pave the way towards nearly 243 different winning combinations. Based on HBO's fantasy hit, Game of Thrones features a scatter bonus and four times free spins bonus. If you know your families, you will appreciate how each of the spins is named after them: Baratheon, Lannister, Stark, and Targaryen. This slot caters to its fans and features an epic soundtrack that’s authentic to the show.

Royal Derby

Royal Derby presents an entirely new category to the world of casino apps. This game lets you create and customise your very own racehorse. Once you have picked a jockey to ride your racehorse, you can examine odds and place bets accordingly. In this authentic simulator, you can experience horse racing beyond any real season and wager as many bets as you please.

Fruit Shop

NetEnt's five reels and fifteen paylines promise you a delicious experience. In a world of exciting new slots, a key feature to always look for is free opportunity. Fruit Shop provides a free spins feature, which you can activate through several combinations. The results will grant you up to five fantastic spins. While this feature is active, all of your wins will be doubled. 

What Fruit Shop lacks in complexity it makes up for in popularity. Its free spins serve as its primary selling point and remain easily triggered. All doubled wins keep values rising and gamblers playing. If you are just beginning with mobile casinos and prefer a simple, yet rewarding experience, Fruit Shop is the slot for you.


The regal ruler's treasures await those who embark on this slot named after Cleopatra. Free spins and twenty win lines have earned Cleopatra critical acclaim over its years of operation. 

Based on a real-life machine, Cleopatra features a betting range from 5p to £200. Whether you are a high roller or only beginning your journey into slots, Cleopatra caters to players on both sides of the spectrum. Following the path of other popular mobile slots, Cleopatra would ultimately get a sequel developed to delight its players.

Mermaid's Millions

Five reels and three rows pave the way for this aquatic hit by Microgaming. Instant payouts and an astounding multiplier dominate its bonus rounds. But it’s this slot's volatility that will keep you and countless players returning under the sea. Wins that are 50 times the value of your stake are known to be frequent in Mermaid's Millions.

Jack Hammer

An exciting, enticing, twenty-five payline slot with super spins awaits you. With Jack Hammer, you can jump right into the action with its titular superhero. This slot has been rated as highly volatile, meaning you can either expect huge wins or a teetering balance. 

But it’s those explosive victories that keep Jack Hammer at the top of its game. With a max bet of 250 coins, this game has gathered enough of a following for its developers to create a sequel. Jack Hammer captures the thrilling wins and losses that gamblers search for in slots. The risk behind it all is what this slot is primarily about.

Guns N Roses

Get ready to rock and roll with a slot based on the sensational band Guns N Roses. Twenty win lines prompt glorious possibilities. If you happen to check this slot out through Mr Green Casino, you may receive an offer for a total of two hundred free spins.

Gonzo's Quest

The journey to find El Dorado has begun! In your many virtual ventures, you will come to find that some of the best slots have storylines. Gonzo's Quest features detailed 3D graphics and a unique Avalanche feature. This special ability provides a chance for multiple wins and huge payouts. This treasure hunt runs smoothly on mobile platforms, and its 2010 animation still holds up today.


Ten fixed and illustrious paylines lead the way into this classic slot. While the game may appear humble in comparison to newer and flashier titles, Starburst has adapted to the newer markets. Advanced and tailored for mobile play, this slot boasts low volatility. This basically means that you might not see a big win for quite some time while spinning on this slot. Although some gamblers may view this as a hindrance, it can work in your favour. Playing conservatively on Starburst can still lead to modest and frequent payouts.

The Future of the Mobile Casino

As the online casino industry continues to grow, more players will keep signing up. This is your chance to get involved in a movement in which millions of gamblers are participating. With extremely advanced, artificial intelligence and the improvements of virtual reality, the excitement can now come to you.

Transactions are nearly instantaneous, and wagers can unfold as a game is happening live. All of these amazing luxuries can occur from your device while you reside in the comfort of your own home. Money gambling apps have never been easier, and the world of mobile platforming calls to you!