Best Indian Online Lottery Sites in 2023

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online lottery in India

The legal aspects regarding the lotto may cause some confusion because it’s very unclear. Since the lottery laws in India were all passed before the internet was readily available, there is a lack of laws regarding the online lottery. Although the laws may be updated, it’s important to note that online Indian owned lotteries are banned in India. However, the lotto is internationally available online and nobody has faced any negative consequences from playing the lottery online.

In 1998, the Lottery Regulations Act implemented more rules on how various governments can play lotto games and mandate lotto laws. There is no blanket ban on lotteries across the country. Consequently, you can now play lotto games and lottery online in these 13 Indian States:

  • Arunachal Pradesh
  • Assam
  • Goa
  • Kerala
  • Madhya Pradesh
  • Maharashtra
  • Manipur
  • Meghalaya
  • Mizoram
  • Nagaland
  • Punjab
  • Sikkim
  • West Bengal

Indian Online Lottery Safety

Legal online lottery sites are extremely safe. Before you play online or purchase lottery tickets online, look out for these three things:

  • Lottery License

In order for a site to earn a license, it must meet the high standards of a particular governing body. Some examples of places where licences can be attained are Sweden, Great Britain and Malta. Licenced online lottery sites are constantly audited to ensure fair play for all players.

  • Security Certificates

One of the main concerns about playing lotto online is sharing your personal details, such as your home address or banking details. All legal online lottery sites have to get security certificates that protect the website from outside threats such as hackers. To make a site truly impassable, SSL encryption is essential. SSL stands for Secure Sockets Layer. It's responsible for maintaining a secure internet connection and safeguarding all of the sensitive data on the site. It stops trespassers from gaining access and modifying any of the sensitive data, including personal details.

  • Winners and Customer Reviews

If you want to know the truth-always read the reviews. Reputable online lottery sites won't shy away from customer reviews. You should also be able to find a record of winners. This track record will show you the proof of winners and what you could possibly win.

Lotto Options

International Lottery

While the online lottery in India is still budding, international jackpot games played all around the world are in full bloom. By playing in some international jackpots such as those in Europe and the US, Indians can win their share of EuroMillions. What's more, is that jackpots can rollover. In other words, each part of the jackpot that isn't won is added to the next jackpot. If you win one of the top international lotto jackpots, your life will change tremendously. Let's look through some of the international lotto jackpots:


Chances are that even those who don't gamble, have heard of the Powerball. That's because it's the biggest jackpot lottery in the world. It originally took place in America and is now available around the world. It's quite simple to play. You select five numbers from one to 69. Then you choose one Powerball number from one to 12.

The base jackpot for the Powerball is $40 million. This jackpot is ever-increasing and the biggest jackpot ever won was a staggering $1.586 billion! The odds of winning the prize are the same in each Powerball drawing. Your chances of winning are one in 24.9 regardless of what the jackpot is. The Powerball gives you immense freedom because if you win, you can choose to receive your payment in a lump sum or as an annuity.

Mega Millions

Like the Powerball, Mega Millions also has its roots in America but is now enjoyed globally. It has the second-best jackpot after Powerball. The starting jackpot is $40 million but may vary based on sales. All jackpots are announced before each draw. Mega Millions also has simple gameplay. All you have to do to play is pick five numbers from one to 70 and one gold ball number from one to 25. To hit the winning jackpot, all the numbers on your lottery ticket must match.


Euromillions is a lotto that originates from Europe and is enjoyed around the world. The jackpot starts at €17 million and stops at 190 million euros. It's well known that Euro lotteries are smaller in comparison to American lotteries. However, European lotteries tend to have more jackpot winners. To play, you choose any five numbers from one to 50 and any two lucky star numbers between one and 12. To win the jackpot, you must hit seven correct numbers.


India has so many great international jackpot options, and the EuroJackpot is one of the best. The jackpot base is €10 million, and it can go up to €90 million. Every time that the jackpot limit is reached, the money rolls over to the secondary prizes. This means the prizes after the first (such as the second and third prize) can also be life-changing amounts! To play you just have to buy a ticket and choose five main numbers from one to 50 and two supplementary numbers between one and 12.


SuperEnaLotto is an Italian lottery that's well known for its gigantic jackpots. Thanks to international lotto websites, players from India can take their shot at the crazy jackpot. It starts at a minimum of €2 million and has no limit. One lucky person once won an outstanding prize of €209.1 million. It's easy to play you can just pick six numbers from one to 90. To win the amazing jackpot, you have to match all six numbers drawn from a pool of 90 options.

Government Lottery

Since 1967, the government lottery has played a pivotal role in being a lucrative financial outlet for state governments in India. These games are conducted fairly because all the winning numbers are revealed in the presence of a state lotto authority. Most government lottery games are sold only in specific states. However, some games are available in multiple states. These are some types of draws that states typically offer:

Weekly Draws

These draws are played every week and the jackpot prizes are typically around a couple of ten lakhs. What's great about it is that it's super affordable. The lottery tickets cost around Rs.2, which is significantly cheaper in comparison to other lottery tickets. However, this means the prizes are much smaller than the more extravagant international lotteries.

Bumper Draws

Whenever there's a commemoration or a social gathering in the state, it's common to find a bumper lottery. It's the biggest government lottery on offer in India. Unlike weekly jackpots, Bumper draws only take place annually. They are less common, but when they take place, the jackpots usually go up to around Rs.10 crores!

Kerala State Lottery

Kerala is known for its flourishing state lottery. It's the state where the lottery began and it still manages to run lucrative lotteries. You can purchase lottery tickets for the Kerala State Lottery easily since there are many vendors throughout Kerala. You could even become a vendor and sell tickets yourself. What's really impressive about the Kerala lottery is most of the lotteries fund welfare programs. One such example is a scheme named Karunya, which helps pay for the hospital bills of those who can't afford it within the state.

Lottery Sambad

 This is the most played game in India and for good reason, as there are three draws which means three jackpots. You can play Lottery Sambad thrice daily for every day of the week. For each day you can play in the morning, afternoon and evening. This increases your chances trifold which gives you three shots at one of the jackpots. The jackpots can go up to Rs. 31 Lakhs. It's also quite affordable as tickets cost around Rs.6.

International vs State Lottery

International Lottery


  • Huge Jackpots
  • Available online
  • Convenient to play anywhere
  • Multiple options
  • Simple gameplay


  • Tickets may be a bit pricey
  • If using a bookkeeper then less freedom around prize money
  • Not super convenient to get a ticket (specific payment methods plus online verification process)

State Lottery


  • Convenient to get a ticket (can pay cash at a vendor)
  • Contributing to state funds used in welfare programmes
  • Support small business owners, ie. vendors in your state
  • Tickets are affordable
  • Easy to play (usually you just buy a ticket- numbers are pre-chosen)
  • Lottery Sambad gives you more chances at the jackpot


  • Not available online (especially during the covid pandemic, this is a huge downfall)
  • Paper tickets can be misplaced
  • You don't get to choose your lucky numbers
  • Beware of fake tickets from unlicensed vendors

How to Play Lottery Online in India

There are two main ways of playing the lottery online in India: lotto agents and lotto bookkeepers. If you buy a ticket online from a website that identifies as a lotto agent, then a representative from that company will buy an official entry lottery ticket on your behalf. Then they scan the ticket and send it to your account. If you buy lottery tickets from a lotto bookkeeper, then you're not actually purchasing an official ticket. Instead, you'll be betting on the lottery end results. The downfall of using a lottery bookkeeper is if you win a prize the lotto site will pay you your money instead of receiving payment directly from the lotto.

How to Buy a Lottery Ticket Online

It's a simple process to buy a ticket, but there are some steps to follow. If you're looking to make the purchase online in India, then you first need to register at one of the international lotto sites. All of the tickets that you purchase are kept online and checked after each draw. You then receive a notification if you've won and it will tell you how much your prize is worth.

It's wonderful that tickets are stored online because you can see which numbers have won your prizes and which haven't. You can also check out the statistics of numbers on the website to help improve your game. Another benefit of having your tickets stored online is that you never have to worry about losing them.

What is required to buy tickets?

Even though it's a simple process to buy a ticket, there are some things to consider and some requirements to meet.


  • MobileDevice– As long as you have a smartphone, you can play lotto games. Most sites run smoothly via a mobile browser and have a lottery app.
  • Payment Option– It's essential to decide on the best way for you to make a ticket purchase. The most popular payment methods are VISA, MasterCard, Neteller and Skrill.
  • Internet Connection– You need an internet connection and smartphones usually provide a stable internet connection. It doesn't matter what type of internet you use.

Things to consider:

  • Game Choice- You should know what game you want to play before making your purchase. Although one of the best is Powerball and EuroMillions is great too!
  • Ticket Price- Different games have different prices so consider what's best for you financially
  • Website-There are several websites out there. Look at the customer reviews, welcome bonuses, promotions and games on offer to make a calculated decision.

Is it Efficient to Play Lottery on Your Mobile?

Playing online lottery on your mobile is actually the best way. Here are some of the benefits of playing the online lottery using your phone:

1.Unbeatable Convenience

You can buy lottery tickets from anywhere. You can still play even if you're on the bus on your way home from work, taking a dip in the jacuzzi or relaxing on the couch. All you need is your mobile device and an internet connection.

2.Never Miss a Moment

If you have a moment where you feel lucky, you can get a lottery ticket at that exact moment. You don't have to go to a store and wait in a queue. You could lose your lucky moment or forget the lucky number that just popped into your head!

3.Added Benefits

Using online lottery apps can give you many added benefits. You'll receive notifications, exclusive news, amazing bonuses and so much more!


Online lottery sites are usually compatible on all mobile devices, whether its android or ios. So feel free to use your iPad, iPhone or Android phone or tablet to play the lottery online.

How is Online Lottery Beneficial for India?

Embracing Technology

Although India might be labelled as a developing country, there has definitely been a boom in technology in recent years. Since the digital revolution in 2014, there has been exponential growth, specifically in the area of mobile devices. It's safe to say that mobile phones are no longer a luxury- they're a necessity. Since so many people in India are using technology (such as mobile phones) in their daily lives, it only makes sense for things like the lottery to be available online.

Convenience is Key

Since the laws around the lottery in India are not clear, it can be a mission to get a lottery ticket. You may have to negotiate with lottery agents or retailers to get your hands on specific tickets. This can be quite a time-consuming process and lottery enthusiasts may be disheartened by not having easy access to lottery tickets. Online lottery means you can skip the queue and the hassling with vendors and just buy your ticket in peace and in your own time.

Cutting down on human resources to increase efficiency

Due to the massive amount of lottery tickets being sold, there are many others involved, such as lottery ticket retailers and agents. This interrupts the flow of the lotto. In the traditional lottery, tickets from all over the country would need to be collected. During this process, lottery holders have to contact numerous lottery ticket vendors and this could lead to mix-ups and confusion. Once a winner is found, the lottery holders have to contact the vendors. The vendors then contact the winner and the whole process repeats itself for the next lotto draw. With the online lottery, these things don't exist. By cutting out the middle man it's simple and efficient.

Safety is Online

Genuine online lottery sites have e-gambling licenses which enable them to live up to high standards of fairness. They also use encryption software to keep your personal details safe. Buying a lottery ticket online at a reputable site is extremely safe. There are no risks of a fake lottery ticket online but this is a possibility when buying from vendors. Another thing to consider is going out during the covid-19 pandemic is not the safest thing. Staying home and buying a lottery ticket in safety is a much more viable option.

Lucky International Lottery Winners from India

Sandeep ‘Sunny’ Singh – Won $30.5 million in Mega Millions

From all the international lottery winners, Sandeep Singh is the youngest. His story is like something out of a movie. It was October 2012 and he was 22 years old, working at Best Buy. He'd just gotten dumped by his girlfriend. He spent $4 on a lotto ticket which was actually a reward from a scratch-off game. He played the Mega Millions Lottery and hit the jackpot- winning a staggering $23 million after-tax. It goes to show how one lottery ticket can change your life.

Nirmal Dhamodarasamy – Won $1 million in US Powerball

While Nirmal was studying at the University of Illinois at Chicago, luck had other plans for him. He bought an online lottery ticket and played a Powerball game. He bought a Powerball subscription which is more convenient and affordable in the long run. In February 2016, one of his tickets matched five numbers in a Powerball draw. His winning numbers of 04, 13, 31, 36, 52 and a Powerball number 08 had won him a groundbreaking $1 million.

Ushakiran Patel – Won $1 million in US Powerball

Another overnight millionaire, Mrs. Patel had just retired from her job as a sexagenarian retiree when she decided to play the lotto. She was not an avid player and she just played the lotto casually whenever she felt like it. Choosing the lottery 'quick pick' option and playing the Powerball worked in her favour. She won $1 million and retired happily.

Nandlall Mangal – Won $245.6 million in US Powerball

Mr. Mangal was an avid lottery player who made a habit of buying lottery tickets when the jackpot went over $100 million. In 2018, the 42-year-old construction worker purchased a winning ticket for $6 from a supermarket via quick pick. He won an unbelievable jackpot of $245.6 million in a Powerball draw. The first thing he did was take a trip to Hawaii and the rest is history!

Increase Your Chance to Win Big

You might be reading about all these winners from India and wondering how you can get your chance to win. The formula for winning lotteries is easy to understand: lower your lottery investment+ increase the amount of tickets+ greater chances of winning. Most jackpot winners are avid lottery players and they have purchased countless lottery tickets before finding a winning one. Here are two common ways to use the formula for increasing your chances:

Lottery Bonuses & Promotions Online

By playing online lottery, you will get many offers for bonuses and promotions. Many of these promotions give you a chance to play the lottery at a lower price. Some welcome bonuses even offer you the chance to play free lottery. One of the best parts about playing online lottery is the welcome bonuses because you can try out new lotto games for close to nothing.

If you want to increase your chances even more, you can sign up on several websites. This way you get multiple welcome bonuses and use them all on different online lottery games. Online lottery sites also offer promotions for various lotteries all year round. Keep your eyes peeled for offers like two for one lottery tickets.

Lottery Syndicates

Aside from bonuses and promotions, joining a syndicate is an excellent way to increase your chances of winning. Generally, a syndicate is a group who join forces by putting all their savings together and buying as many tickets as they can. Then they share all the prizes. Of course, there are pros and cons to joining a syndicate. You'll have to share the prize money but there's a very low chance of you not winning anything.

Most online lottery sites have made the process of lottery syndicates much easier. Instead of searching for a syndicate or trying to find players to join your syndicate- you just join the syndicate on the lottery site. Note that it works a little differently. The syndicate's lotto sites typically have more than 100 tickets which are split into shares. You can buy as many shares as you want-more shares mean a bigger portion of the prizes.

Where to Play Lottery in India

Online lottery sites offer some of the biggest games with the biggest jackpots. You also get 100% safety and get discounts. You can buy your tickets conveniently from the comfort of your couch using your credit card or other payment methods on your mobile. Many international lottery sites even go out of their way to better accommodate desi clients. So you can experience excellent service and a wide array of Indian payment options. Let's look at some of the sites where you can play lottery online:


Lottoland is the biggest lottery website globally. It has paid over rs. 7600 crore in prizes to players all around the world. They also hold the record for the largest online gambling payout. In 2018, Christina, a woman from Germany, hit the jackpot in the EuroJackpot. She took home a whopping Rs. 704.1 crore. Lottoland also goes out of its way to make Indian players feel special.

Lottoland has a committed site for players from India called Lottoland Asia. All players from India can buy their tickets for all the best international games such as Powerball and EuroMillions. To make you feel more at home, LottoLand Asia allows you to play games exclusive to India such as Jeeto Lotto and Cricket Lotto.


LottoSmile is the brainchild of world-renowned lotto agent, TheLotter. However, LottoSmile is made especially for India. It gives Indian players the opportunity to dabble in international lottery games. It makes it unbelievably easy for desi players to participate in international lotto games and win ground-breaking jackpots.


Lotto277 is an outstanding website. They are known for giving huge prizes to their winners and they build a good relationship with players. It's simple to use and you can easily purchase tickets to well-known international lotteries such as SuperEnalotto, Powerball and Mega Millions.

Several online casinos offer lottery bets

If we look beyond the lotto sites above, there is also several online casinos that offer so-called "lottery betting".

Here are a few of those casinos that also have lottery betting:

  • MegaRush
  • Ladbrokes
  • Fun Casino

See all Indian online casinos here.

Final Thoughts

Playing online lottery is extremely beneficial for players from India. It can allow them to play international lottery games with bigger jackpots and better prizes. Playing online will also be a lot safer in terms of payment and considering the current pandemic. Overall, it's hard to find faults with online lottery and we definitely recommend you give it a try.


How can I buy lottery tickets online in India?

Follow the 3 steps below to buy an online lottery ticket in India:

1. Create an account at your preferred online lottery website. You can use the options we gave you.
2. Select the payment method you want to use
3. Decide which lottery game you want to play

Can I play the lottery online if I live in India?

Yes. As long as it's an international lottery game.

Which is the best online lottery to play?

The Powerball has the biggest jackpot so we think it's the best, but it depends on what you're looking for in a game. Read through our options above for a better idea.

What should I do if I win?

If you win, you'll need to claim your winnings. You first must provide proof of identity such as an ID. Send this to the lottery site where you won. Once it is verified you'll be able to receive your winnings. It usually takes a couple of hours to receive your prize but it can sometimes be longer.

Is it legal to play the lottery in India?

The laws around lottery in India are not very clear. However, to play legally online, ensure these three requirements are met:

1. The lottery site server must come from outside of India
2. The lottery game must also not come from India
3. You must be over the age of 18