Playing online Teen Patti is also perfect if you want to play for real money. Again, by playing against the dealer, you odds of winning a hand are much higher than with a group of friends or family members.

In this article, we will share with you how to play Teen Patti online, how to sign up at a casino, how to make a deposit, which payment methods you can use, as well as a short list of some of the best casinos where you can play Teen Patti in India.

So, without further ado…

Best Teen Patti Online Casino

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How to Play Teen Patti online?

The best place to play Teen Patti online is at a licensed and regulated casino because you can be sure that the games offered are fair and that your money will be safe. Casinos will usually show their licence details in the footer of their website. The best licences to look out for are the British Gambling Commission and Malta Gaming Authority because they have the strictest requirements of all. Whatever you do, do not play at a casino without a license. Later in this article, we will share five fantastic licensed casinos where you can play Indian 3 Patti.

While deciding which casino you want to play the Teen Patti game at, you will find that you can play it in two different ways:

  1. Live Casino Teen Patti - where you play Teen Patti against a live dealer
  2. Random Number Generated (RNG) Teen Patti – where you play against the computer

It is important to know that the games offered will vary greatly from casino to casino. Some will not offer Teen Patti at all, whereas others will have several versions (both live and RNG) to choose from.

When looking through the game selections offered by casinos look out for live dealer games from Ezugi and Super Spade because they are the most respected providers of live Indian games like Teen Patti. When it comes to RNG 3 Patti, Woohoo games are the most respected developer.

Teen Patti Rules of the Game

One of the reasons behind why Teen Patti is such a popular game is the fact that it is super easy to learn and can be played with just one deck of 52 cards. Put very simply, in online casino 3 Patti rules, the goal is to have a better hand than the dealer. Essentially, Teen Patti is three card poker, a Teen Patti Indian poker if you like. However, there are a few key differences as we will explain.

The game begins when you are dealt three cards by the dealer. At this point, you will have the choice to Play or Fold based on the hand you receive. You can see the different hands and their values in the next section.

Should you decide to play, you will then see the dealer’s hand. You can either place a bet before your cards are dealt (this is called Ante) or after receiving your hand by placing a bet (this is called Play).

Should you win the hand, the payout is 1:1 regardless of whether you bet Ante or Play. However, the Play bet is always double that of the Ante. There are also bonuses available if you place an Ante bet, for example, Ezugi will give you 5:1 for a straight flush. There are also a number of other bonuses and side bets.

Different Hands in Teen Patti

The Teen Patti hands are very similar to Poker, the main difference being the fact that you only have three cards instead of five. Below you will find the Teen Patti variations of hands from best to worst:

  • Mini Royal – You have this hand if you have an Ace, King and Queen of the same suit.
  • Straight Flush (also known as Pure Sequence) – You have this hand if you have three cards of the same suit in sequence. For example, a 3, 4, and 5 of hearts.
  • Three of a Kind (also known as a Set or Trail) - You have this hand when you have three cards of the same value. For example, three 8’s.
  • Straight (also known as a Run or Sequence) – You have this hand when you have three cards in a sequence. This is like the Straight flush, except the cards can be of any suit.
  • Flush (also known as Color) - You have this hand when you have any three cards of the same suit.
  • Pair – You have this hand when you have two cards of the same value
  • High Card – If neither the player nor the dealer has one of the hands above, it will be decided by who has the highest value card.

It is worth noting that some Teen Patti tables may not offer the Mini Royal and Straight Flush hands.

Play Teen Patti with Real Money

If you want to play Teen Patti for real money, the very first thing you will need to do is choose which casino you will play 3 Patti at. A little further down in this article you will find a short list containing the best casinos in India where you can play Teen Patti real money.

Once you have chosen which casino you want to join, the next steps will be to register and deposit some money. If you are new to the casino registration process, you will find a short guide below with the example of LeoVegas. Bear in mind, though, that different casinos might have a slightly different sign up process.

How to Register at a Casino

Before you start playing online Teen Patti for real money, you will need to sign up at a casino. If you wanted to join LeoVegas India (for example), the first thing you would need to do is go to and click on “PLAY NOW” in the top right corner of the screen.

LeoVegas Casino teen patti sign-up

Once you have done this, you will now see this screen.

registration page for teen patti at LeoVegas

Then hit “REGISTER NOW” at the bottom of the screen.

quick facebook or google sign up to play Teen Patti

You can choose to quickly sign up using your Facebook or Google accounts, or register the more old fashioned way by entering your details.

Signing up to LeoVegas is that easy, as is signing up at most other casinos.

How to Make a Deposit at a Casino

The last thing you need to do before you start playing Teen Patti for real money is to deposit some rupees at your chosen casino. Here you will find a short guide showing you how to make a deposit at LeoVegas. If you have chosen another casino, the process might be a little different.

deposit button in the menu

Once you have signed up at LeoVegas, you will see a “Deposit” button in the menu bar at the top of the screen. Clicking on this button will give you this page.

teen patti deposit options page

All you have to do now is choose which payment method you wish to use and then follow the online instructions.

Next, we will run through a few of the popular payment methods for Indian casino players.

Teen Patti with PayTM Online

Paytm is currently the most popular casino payment method in India. For this reason, finding a casino where you can play Teen Patti Patym cash is very easy indeed. In fact, it is hard to find a top casino that doesn’t offer Paytm as a payment method.

If you are unfamiliar with Paytm, it is a fast and secure payment method developed here in India. It is so popular, in fact, that over 150 million people already use it regularly in the country.

Put simply, it works by you transferring money from your bank account, credit card, debit card, etc., to your Paytm wallet. You can then spend this money in many different ways, from paying your mobile phone bill, to buying bus or movie tickets – and don’t forget at a casino for Paytm 3 Patti.

Signing up to Paytm and making payments couldn’t be easier as well. All you have to do is download the Paytm app from the Google Play or App Store. Once you have downloaded the app, open it and click on click on the profile symbol in the top left of the screen (first picture). You will then see the option to “Create an Account” (second picture).

paytm teen patti
paytm open account page

You will now be asked to enter your mobile telephone number (picture below). After entering your number, you will be sent a validation message with a code you will need to enter.

login page on PayTM

Once you have finished signing up, the next thing you will need to do is add some money to your Paytm wallet. You can make a deposit from your internet bank, credit/debit card, and even in person with cash at some banks. Once you have deposited money to your Paytm wallet, making a payment is as simple, all you have to do is select Paytm as the payment method and scan the QR code - like in the image below to log in to your Paytm account.

Teen patti Paytm QR code

You can even quickly send money to friends and family by sending it to their mobile number.

Use UPI for Teen Patti Online

UPI is another popular mobile payment method that is growing in popularity in India. Very simply, it allows you to send money from one bank account to another using your mobile phone.

The first thing you will need to do before you download an app and try to play Teen Patti with UPI is to check if your bank allows you to use UPI. Click here to see a list of supported banks.

The next thing you will need to do is download a UPI app. There is not strictly one UPI app, but many you can choose from that use the technology. For example, Paytm is a UPI app, so is Amazon Pay, BHIM, and Google Pay. You can see a full list of UPI apps here.

Once you have chosen your app and registered, you can deposit money with UPI to play Teen Patti at your favourite casino.

GPay as a Payment Option

GPay, perhaps more commonly known as Google Pay, is a mobile payment method that you can use to pay for anything from your bills to the local Chaiwala. As touched on above, you can use it as a UPI to transfer money from one bank account to another. This could be to a friend or relative, or to a business like a casino – GPay Teen Patti anyone? You can even use GPay in person to buy things at stores that accept it as a payment method.

To use Google Pay, all you have to do is download the GPay app, link it to your bank account, and choose your UPI pin. This is a bit like a pin for your debit or credit card. Unlike other mobile wallets and apps, GPay doesn’t store money in a virtual wallet. It merely transfers it from your bank account to the account of the person or company you are sending it to, making it more secure.

The Difference between Real Cash and Free Teen Patti

One of the fantastic things about playing Teen Patti at a casino is that it doesn’t matter how much money you have, you can have just as much fun if your budget is zero. This is because most casino games (Teen Patti included) come with a “free play mode” that allows you to have a great time playing your favourite games, without spending a rupee of your own money.

The possibility for free Teen Patti isn’t just great for those of you watching your wallet. It is perfect if you are new to the game and learning the rules or just want to get more confident before you start playing real cash Teen Patti.

As a general casino rule, you will find that RNG games (those where you play against the computer) almost always come with a “free play” option, whereas live casino versions tend to require you to play for real money. Usually, this is because it costs quite a lot of money to hire a live dealer, make a studio, and stream a game 24/7.

However, luckily for Teen Patti players, the biggest manufacturer of live Teen Patti games – Ezugi - offers its live dealer games with a “free play” option. The biggest manufacturer of RNG games – Woohoo Games – also lets you play 3 Patti for free.

In the section below, we will share a short list of some of the best casinos where you can play real cash as well as free 3 Patti, sharing the different games each casino offers and whether they have a free play mode or if they can only be played for real money.

Best Teen Patti Sites in India

As you will see from the list below, you are spoilt for choice when it comes to fantastic casinos where you can play Teen Patti online. In each mini-review, you will find out a little about each casino as well as what versions of 3 Patti are available.

Let’s find out which casino is the best place for you to play Teen Patti…

Teen Patti at Casumo India

Casumo is a casino with a growing reputation in India. Not only does it offer live versions of Andar Bahar and Teen Patti from Ezugi that can be played in a “free play” mode, they also offer welcome bonuses and promotions especially for Indian players. On the downsides, however, they don’t have a sportsbook, and you can only deposit and withdraw in euros, not rupees.

Teen Patti at LeoVegas India

LeoVegas is not just one of the biggest and most popular casinos in India, it is one of the biggest in the world. That is why, along with promotions and welcome bonuses specifically tailored to Indian players, you will also find Indian games like Andar Bahar and Teen Patti. At LeoVegas you can choose from two live versions of Teen Patti, both provided by game developer Ezugi.

Teen Patti at 22Bet Casino India

22bet is best known to Indian players for its fantastic sportsbook that includes a wealth of betting options, not just on IPL cricket, but domestic hockey and kabaddi leagues as well. That’s not all, you can also play live versions of both Teen Patti and Andar Bahar from Ezugi – both of which have a “free play” mode.

Teen Patti at Pure Casino India

As you can maybe tell from the name, Pure Casino is strictly a casino, so no sports betting option here. But for fans of Indian games that may not be a problem at all because not only do you get live and table game versions of Andar (provided by Ezugi and Woohoo Games respectively). You can also choose from two live dealer versions of Teen Patti (one from Super Spade, the other from Ezugi), as well as two table game versions where you can play against the computer (by Woohoo Games) – both of which have a free play option.

Teen Patti at 10Cric Casino India

When it comes to Indian games, 10Cric really is the casino to choose. Not only will you find three live versions of Teen Patti (two from Ezugi and one from Super Spade), you will also find an RNG version provided by Woohoo Games where you can play against the computer. Both the Ezugi and Woohoo games come with free play modes too, if you are looking to play for fun rather than for real money. 10Cric also offer seven different versions of Andar Bahar, and have a great sportsbook.

Teen Patti the Movie

Not only is Teen Patti one of India’s most loved games, it is also a 2010 movie starring Oscar winner Ben Kingsley and Bollywood icon Amitabh Bachchan.

Perci Trachtenberg (Ben Kingsley) is regarded by many as the best mathematician in the world. However, his life takes a turn when he meets reclusive math genius, Professor Venkat Subramaniam (Amitabh Bachchan) - who has created a theory that redefines the principles of probability and randomness - at a high rolling casino in London.

As you can guess, this theory has its upsides, but it also comes with a dark side that has already affected Venkat’s life. However, he is aware of the fact that he is on the edge of a monumental discovery with huge applications in the sciences. That is why, despite no desire for money, Venkat is encouraged to test his equation on Teen Patti at the casino by a young colleague - Professor Shantanu Biswas. Together with a team of students, they embark to test the equation.

If you haven’t seen the movie and want to see it, we won’t spoil what happens!


Where can I play Teen Patti in Hindi?

All teen Patti casinos with live tables from Evolution Gaming or Ezugi have an in-game option to choose Hindi as the language. However, if you want a casino that supports Hindi we recommend Pure Casino.

How to win in Teen Patti?

To win a Teen Patti game your hand needs to be better than the dealers. A hand with 3 aces beats everything.

What's the best Teen Patti online casino?

Everyone has different preferences, but we really like Casumo and 10Cric for playing 3 patti.

Can I cheat when playing online Teen Patti for real money?

No, that's not possible. Modern online casinos have software detecting if someone or something tries to hack their games.