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This Privacy Policy is information about what data we collect, how we manage it and how we use the information.

Please go through our Privacy Policy thoroughly so you are aware of what decisions you can make.

Cookies use cookies to collect, track and store information based on your visit, as well as your activity while on our website. This information is so we can analyze our visitors behavior, to make the experience as seamless as possible.

In short, cookies are small pieces of data that is stored locally on your device which contains information about your earlier sessions. For more information about what cookies are and how they work, please visit

We use the following cookie types:

  1. Third party cookies - these are added by third party companies, such as Google Analytics. These cookies are user to analyse behavior and movement on the website.
  2. Session cookies - these are temporary cookies, only stored during your visit. Session cookies are stored to make it possible for you to use our website and our system. As soon as you close the browser these cookies are deleted.
  3. Persistent cookies - these contain data that only is read by our website. The cookie is stored for a fixed period of time on your device. We use cookies like this when it’s beneficial to know if you have visited our website in the past.

At any time, you can remove the cookies in your web browser. The instructions differ based on which browser you use, so please contact your browser provider for more information regarding this if you need assistance.

Please be aware that if you do disable cookies on our website, our service, features and systems might not work properly resulting in a poor user experience for you.

Visit for information on cookies and how to disable them. might also use beacons, widgets and other analytical instruments that gather non-personal data about your tendencies when browsing. These technologies are used for standard operation. This includes the gathering of statistical information based on how you interact with and use our services, making it possible to create a more smooth experience for your next visit.

Advertising Partners

The advertisers on may use web beacons and cookies as well. Below we have listed our advertising partners and links to their privacy policies:

  • Google Privacy Policy 
  • For gambling sites advertising, please visit their websites to see their individual privacy policies.