The biggest and best casinos in the world

WinStar World - the biggest casino in the world

Have you ever searched for the biggest casinos in the world? Like you, we’ve always known that casino life is about maximizing your experience. You know what we mean. Winning is not only about coming out on top in the game, but the style and largess you portray while you do it. It’s all about living the big life. Casino life is about style, and how you use it. 

We could give you a list of the 10 biggest casinos by size, but we thought we’d do this a little differently and focus on big casino life in a few different sense. “Big” can be measured in profits, building size, gaming floor, riches, history, fame, and popularity.

When you think of casinos, Las Vegas, Nevada, in the United States probably comes to mind. Las Vegas has many casinos but not necessarily the largest ones.

These days, casinos commonly are incorporated into resort-style settings, so your casino visit can be a vacation destination as well. In addition to huge gaming areas, these casinos also have entertainment venues. These casino complexes have top-notch restaurants, swimming pools and leisure areas, shopping malls, luxurious spas, and anything else your luxury-seeking heart desires.

The largest casinos in the world

Is everything bigger in America? In this case, yes.

Currently, the biggest casino in the world (drumroll please) is the WinStar World Casino and Resort in Thackerville, Oklahoma, in the United States. It is operated by the people of the Chickasaw Nation and sits on their ancestral land. The Chickasaw are the indigenous people of the southeastern American woodlands. The Chickasaw Nation doesn’t want to give up their title and is updating and expanding its casino offerings with regularity. The casino is situated close to the Oklahoma-Texas State line, one hour north of the Dallas-FortWorth area. It makes the visitor call to mind the big skies and excitement of the traditional idea of the American West. The Chickasaw people have a culturally rich history, and the casino itself reflects this in its design. The gaming floor of this genuinely expansive casino is 35,303 square metres! The resort sits on a 600,000 square footprint and has all of the resort luxuries you’ve come to expect from a world-class casino.

The WinStar has a dedicated poker room, where players can play classic poker, Ultimate Texas Hold ’em, or the American variants such as Mississippi Stud. You can play bingo in the 900 seat bingo hall or browse the over 7,000 slot machines and electronic games. If you can’t get to Oklahoma, you can always check out their online offerings. Not only is the WinStar the largest casino in the United States, but it also takes the title of the largest casino in the world.

The largest casinos in Asia

If you are looking for glamour and style, we found it in Macau in China. This autonomous region on the south coast of China is a destination in its own right but boasts the highest concentration of casinos in any area of Asia. The Venetian Macau in the Cotai district of Macau is not only the second-largest casino in the world, it is of the largest casino in Asia. Can you visualize Venice covered in golden light? That’s the Venetian Macau. It’s not only a beautiful building. It offers an integrated resort experience, with entertainment, fine dining, shopping, and of course, a gaming floor that measures an astounding 50,725 square metres. The games offered range from electronic table games, such as Baccarat, to your choice of over 2,000 slot machines.

The MGM Cotai opened in 2018 and is a close second to the Venetian. It boasts a gaming floor of approximately 46,450 square metres with more than 175 tables for gaming and over 1,500 slots. It also offers a resort experience, with top restaurants, theatres, spas, and art displays.

The City of Dreams Resort, also located in the Cotai district in Macau, runs third to the Venetian in size with a gaming floor of over 39,000 square metres. It is parallel in gaming potential, with a fun rock-and-roll 1970s feel. This complex has over 20 restaurants and bars. There is something for everyone.

The second-largest casino in Asia is one of the highest-grossing in the world. The Galaxy Macau has an expansive 39,000 square metre casino floor with over 650 table games, electronic gaming machines, and more than 1,500 slot machines.

We go back to the USA for the next biggest casino…

The Foxwoods Resort Casino on Mashantucket Pequot Tribal Nation reservation land in Ledyard, Connecticut, was voted the number one casino outside of Las Vegas by the USA Today Reader’s Choice poll. This gargantuan casino resort has 340,000 square feet or 31,587 square metres of gaming space, in which it boasts one of the most active poker rooms in America. They run live tournaments and cash games all day, every day. The WPT Foxwoods World Poker Finals are held here. The gaming area, spread over four floors, includes roulette tables, blackjack and a staggering assortment of slot machines. The resort itself consists of all the standard amenities, a golf course, shopping and fine dining.

What is the largest casino in Europe?

The largest casino in the European Union is the Casino Lisboa in Portugal. This casino-hotel has a gaming floor of over 15,329 square metres. The gaming area of Casino Lisboa includes more than 1,000 slot machines and over 25 classic European table games.

What is the most profitable casino in the world?

According to the latest numbers, the Wynn Las Vegas Resort takes the top prize for the most profitable casino on the Las Vegas Strip. Because many of the resorts are held by a multinational consortium, it isn’t easy to place one above another. If we want to focus on pure numbers, the casino that consistently makes the most money is The Galaxy Macau in China. In 2018, it made a net revenue of $39.5 billion US.

Which country gambles the most?

It’s logical that the country that gambles the most also has the most profitable casino. China holds the distinction of being the country that has the most money spent on gambling. However, the majority of the gambling is done in the autonomous region of Macau, where gambling is legal. The United States comes in a close second, with many European countries coming in behind. The rating is linked to whether or not gambling is legal in the country in question.

Which country has the most casinos?

By far, the country with the most casinos in the United States of America. Gambling is entirely legal in many US states, and a large proportion of indigenous nations offer gambling on their lands. With a rich history of gambling, the American experience of gaming reaches back to its founding and the old west. Its colourful history details gambling establishments such as the legendary Mississippi riverboats, far before Las Vegas even had a strip. The World Casino Directory lists 2,149 registered gambling and casino establishments in the United States, by far the most in the world.

How many casinos are in the world? The number varies greatly depending on which organization is doing the counting, and if you count brick-and-mortar or online casinos. North America has the most casinos overall. Western Europe is second after North America with many casinos in France, Germany, Spain, and Italy. The United Kingdom also rates high, with several dotted across the land. There are casinos present in most European countries, including Switzerland, which has approximately 20 casinos just from Zurich to Geneva. 

Which country is famous for its casinos?

Of course, if you have the most casinos, you should be the most famous for casinos.Las Vegas and Atlantic City are the classic destinations, but the United States doesn’t exclusively hold the title for most famous casinos. China’s Macau jurisdiction is rife with luxurious casinos. More than 30 are in the city’s gaming district, which attracts tourists and gamblers from around the world. Europe’s old-world casinos are storied and sophisticated, attracting some of the most beautiful and wealthy aristocrats. Many are featured in works of fiction and film, making them more famous for being famous, rather than celebrated for size or profit. Monaco is the classic old-world European centre for gambling. It sports four formal casinos in Monte Carlo. 

What city has the most casinos in the world?

The award for the most casinos in one city goes to Macau. It has 30 registered and functioning casinos in the city to date and has plans for many more. Macau is interested in being the world’s centre for gambling and gaming. Anyone else interested in a quick flight to China when travel restrictions ease?

What is the most famous casino in the world?

The award for the most famous casino depends on many things. Media plays an interesting role in this, as the casinos we recognize are the ones we see in movies, on TV, or read about in books. We love reading about the card tables in classy French Riviera casinos in Sir Ian Fleming’s Bond books. The image of the dancing fountain in front of the Bellagio in Las Vegas is iconic. Seeing an exotic casino in Macau setting the scene in a favourite action movie adds to the intrigue and excitement. As tastes and games change the most famous casinos change. The historical and magnificent Casino Baden Baden in Germany used to be the most famous in Europe, with visiting royalty and influential people from across Europe. Now it is the grand dame of the region–still wonderful but not quite as famous.

What is the best casino in the world?

The best casino in the world is a matter of taste and experience. Many people like the class and sophistication of the old world casinos, while others are attracted to the excitement of state of the art electronic games and new technology in gaming. A casino rated as the best in luxury and amenities makes a difference to many people. Gaming options and return to player percentages are essential to others. If you like playing the numbers, you may not be so worried about if the casino has a pool or a spa. The future of casino gaming is unlimited, with the advent of online gambling casinos. The best casino in the world may be the one you can access in your home, at your leisure. As the old poker saying says, go big or go home. Perhaps we can do both.


What’s the biggest casino in the world by size?

The WinStar World Casino and Resort in Thackerville, Oklahoma, USA. The casino sits on a plot with over 600,000 square feet, with a 35,303 square metre large gaming floor.