Mexican President Endorses Legalized Gambling

Mexican President Vicente Fox went on record this week at a tourism convention in Acapulco, endorsing the concept of legalized gaming in Mexico. Resort owners and the tourism industry alike have long lobbied for a change in Mexican laws to allow gambling, primarily in the heavily frequented resort areas that dot both the Pacific and Caribbean coasts. Fox is quoted as saying; “I am in favor of casinos in a controlled way, above all if they are in areas frequented by foreign tourists. That is where they should be.”

Fox’s statement drew applause from attendees at the conference who acknowledge that it has been an uphill battle to effect changes in legislation. The President’s endorsement, they hope, will influence legislators to make the necessary adjustments to existing laws in order to make Mexican resort areas more competitive with those of countries that allow gambling. “It’s time,” one travel agent quipped, “We could double our business to the Mexican Riviera if legalized gaming was in effect.”

Whether or not Mexican gaming will become an accomplished fact remains to be seen. But, judging from the fact that countries which allow such activity have produced taxable income to the state far in excess of expectations, Gambling Times suspects it will only be a matter of time before you will be able to play your game of choice from Cancun to Acapulco!

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