Mexico Plans Hearings On Casino Legalization

Hoping to cash in on the worldwide popularity of Casino gaming, the Mexican government is planning to hold a summit in February 2001 to explore the possibilities and ramifications of legalized gambling, according to Minister of Tourism Letecia Navarro. The Mexican Congress has tabled several bills on gaming, casinos, and lotteries, and these items will be revisited and discussed with civil authorities and other interested parties at the summit.

It is certainly no surprise that the government is taking a long hard look at revising their policies on gaming. Tourism is one of the mainstays of the Mexican economy and the prevalence of mega-resorts on the Caribbean coast and Mexican Riviera offer ready-made locales for addition of gaming facilities. Casinos would undoubtedly impact local economies and central government coffers as well. Not only would Casinos generate increased taxes and higher employment, but service oriented business would see major growth. Look for interest from major gaming entities in the near future as Mexico gears up to expand its’ tourist draw.

While some Nevada operators have voiced concern over the possibility of Mexican gaming, Gambling Times feels that legalization will have no negative impact on Las Vegas operations. In fact, opening Mexican resorts to casino gambling should create greater interest in gaming overall, drawing new clientele to “The Gaming Capitol Of The World.”